Fraser Valley Touch Football League


Posted Sat Jul 26, 2014 - 08:53 AM

It's that time again, the Western Canadian Touchfootball Championships (wctfc) r back. Does your team have what it takes to winning big money and the bragging rights of saying u r the best in BC/Western Canada.
Aug 16/17/2014 in Abbotsford BC. Pending number of teams we will be having a rec/int, and topflight divs.
$500.00 entry with 3 games min. It's a great warmup to your league season. If u r interested in competing for possible $2000.00 cash email me at ASAP. or text me @604-835-3814


Posted Mon Jul 21, 2014 - 09:53 AM

FVTFL has a facebook page type in FVTFL to find or Touchfootball


Posted Sat Jun 28, 2014 - 07:44 AM

Follow us on Facebook @ WCTFC TOUCHFOOTBALL
2014 Western Canadian Touch Football Championships held in Abbotsfod BC
Aug 16-17 2014 $500.00 entry fee
$2000.00 to Top Flight Winnner
$1000.00 to Open Winner
2011 Champs Abby Razorbacks
2012 Champs Abby Raiders
2013 Champs Abby Raiders
2014 Champs ???? ???????

subject to teams entry

Western Canadian Touch Football Finals

Posted Sat Sep 07, 2013 - 07:02 AM

What has been talked about as possibly the best touch football game ever!!!!!!!
Both Abbotsfords top 2 teams blew through the compition to meet in the Championship game.
Abbotsford Razorbacks and the Abbotsford Raiders, the Razorbacks won the title in 2011 and the Raiders had won the 2012 title. It was a dream come true for all players and specators, a defensive coordinators nightmare. 52-51 battle of the offensive best teams in the tourney didn't disappoint. They say no defence, you are wrong 2 defensive ints by the Razorbacks for td's. There had to be atleast 7 ints and great knock downs. Back and forth the game went razorbacks up by 10 at one point then down by 14 one point. The game came down to who had the ball last. Raiders with 3 mins started there drive getting first and goal with 3 plays remaining, they scored and went for a single point convert. Succesful the Razorbacks with 2 plays left couldn't put the single point into the endzone for the tie. This game had atleast 10 great plays where most games have 2 or 3, from Sharps one handed grab on the sidelines to Jakes 2 nfl ints to the 3rd down converts it was a game for the history.... Back to Back titles for the Abbotsford Raiders
Stay tuned for the rematch 2014

2013 Spring Champions

Posted Mon Jun 24, 2013 - 03:47 PM

Congrats to all the Spring 2013 Season League and Playoff Champs..............
Div 1 League Champs *****RAIDERS*****
Div 1 playoff Champs *****RAZORBACKS**
Div 2 League Champs *****CYCLONES****
Div 2 playoff Champs *****KIKKORS*****
Div 3 League Champs *****BULLS*******
Div 3 playoff Champs *****COBRAS******
Div 4 League Champs *****SUPERBAD****
Div 4 playoff Champs *****BUCKWILD****