News for Fraser Valley Touch Football League

2013 Spring Champions

Posted Mon Jun 24, 2013 - 03:47 PM

Congrats to all the Spring 2013 Season League and Playoff Champs..............
Div 1 League Champs *****RAIDERS*****
Div 1 playoff Champs *****RAZORBACKS**
Div 2 League Champs *****CYCLONES****
Div 2 playoff Champs *****KIKKORS*****
Div 3 League Champs *****BULLS*******
Div 3 playoff Champs *****COBRAS******
Div 4 League Champs *****SUPERBAD****
Div 4 playoff Champs *****BUCKWILD****


Posted Mon Nov 05, 2012 - 09:59 PM

Division 1 Regular Season Champs ***IRON RAIDERS
Division 1 Playoff Champions *******IRON RAIDERS
Division 2 Regular Season Champs ***FURIOUS
Division 2 Playoff Champions *******Spartans
Division 3 Regular Season Champs ***Bulls
Division 3 Playoff Champions *******Ramrod

Maybowl Results

Posted Mon May 21, 2012 - 02:31 AM

It was another stellar showing by the Abbotsford Touch Football League teams again this year. The sun was out, and Abby took to the fields. With 5 teams representing the league they didnt disappoint. The falcons went 2-1 (mistake by Hart)in round robin, fell short in playoffs. The Bucs(88's) 2-1 in RR play and also fell short in playoffs. The steelers won the consolation. The Abby Raiders in their first top flight Tourney made playoffs and played the Abby Razorbacks in the semi finals coming up a little short, after leading 14-0. The Raiders finished 3rd. And finally the Razorbacks, looking the best we've seen Hardeep play, won the tourney with the win over the Edmonton Frost. Great showing Razorbacks, Hardeep also won MVP of the Topflight finals. Congrats

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